The Challenge

Automotive wholesale industry has been long underserved with IT solutions and the market has historically been very fragmented with the largest player in the US taking only about 2% market share. The opportunity emerged to create more value for participants of the wholesale ecosystem by running logistics more efficiently, transparently and employing data for business decision making.

Since the company has been an innovator in the market, there were limited tools and solutions that would meet the requirements, therefore the software had to be developed from scratch. The main challenge was developing the solution that can support growing business operations and at the same time adapt to continuous pivots while business was looking for the best product-market fit.

Our Process

From day one and three years on, the product development team has been an integral part of business operations and been working very closely with product management and business leadership to build innovative data-driven solutions. Agile principles of product delivery helped to ensure continuous delivery of valuable features and flexibility to adapt to multiple pivots that were needed to test the market. The team has deployed and is continuously developing a number of software solutions:

  • AI driven mobile applications for logistics and wholesale operations management;
  • Machine Learning driven vehicle appraisal tool for sales team;
  • Back-office web application for inventory management and data driven decision support;
  • Back-end for data management and continuously evolving business logic;
  • Data science products to support business decision making;
  • API integrations to streamline operations with multiple partners and vendors;



Software Development
UX/UI Design
DevOps Services
Project Management
Quality Assurance
Product Management



  • Automate wholesale operations
  • Enable data driven decision making
  • Streamline wholesale process and make it fully transparent for partners and clients
  • Enable scaling of the business operations