The Opportunity

Ideavate is a provider of award-winning home management technology that empowers customers to manage their utility bills more efficiently and helps businesses to transform relationships with their customers. Ideavate specializes in household bill management products and services by providing APIs and white label web applications.

The critical technology challenges delivering such products were:

  • solve availability and transparency of data collected by service providers
  • provide fast and easy API integrations for service providers
  • build scalable infrastructure and applications
  • ensure a frictionless customer experience

How we work together

Adroiti has put together a fantastic team consisting of a designer and several experienced software engineers. The team worked together with Ideavate leadership and operations to validate ideas, remove friction points of customer onboarding, and aggregate missing data points. Due to the excellent fit and seniority of the engineering team, we were able to gain the domain knowledge quickly and start delivering.

We have set up a structure where Adroiti acted as an extension of the Ideavate team. There has been no “us” vs. “them.” Together we rally around shared goals and collaborate closely. Such structure created an effective synergy, empowering Ideavate with complete control of a development process and allowed Adroiti to focus on UI/UX design and software engineering.

Lean and Agile approaches allowed the company to adjust and pivot quickly, discovering the best market fit and continue with investing in technology that matters.

What We Built Together

Ideavate has launched a full product suite for household utility management.

Initially, we developed a web-based application to help customers bring together all of their household expenses into one place. As a Household Personal Assistant, the service provided transparency of tariffs, consumption metrics, contract renewal dates, and available alternatives.

Then, we developed a web application that intelligently collects and analyses existing energy tariff and usage information and consequently provides precision recommendations and streamlined provider switching.

Later, we developed a white label web application linking a customer’s bank account through secure Open Banking APIs - the Household Dashboard also provides a comprehensive analysis of direct debit mandates and payments.

Together we continue to work with forward-thinking businesses across many sectors - including banking, fintech, property, price comparison, and utilities - to build the next generation of domestic customer experiences.


Software Development
UX/UI Design
DevOps Services



We quickly became confident in Adroiti’s experience and expertise - that they could actually achieve what they said they could. With access to a network of excellent resources in Lithuania, Adroiti did most of the heavy lifting sourcing talent, augmenting the team, and being incredibly adaptive to our needs, making sure that geographically distributed teams work together efficiently and creatively. We have absolute faith and confidence in them, providing real peace of mind when considering resources for digital projects.
Ⓒ Hugh Nimmo-Smith