About the role:

Due to the extraordinary variety of goods and better pricing structure in US e-commerce, global shopping in US retail markets has been popular for many years now. However, this industry is mostly used by a handful of tech savvy users, who understand how e-wallets, VPN’s and other technologies work, enabling them to buy overseas. We are building this platform, so the remaining majority of global shoppers are also able to gain access to the vast online shopping sites in the USA.

Our current tech stack:

  • Infra - Azure, MSSQL, CosmosDB, Kubernetes, GitHub Actions
  • FrontEnd - NextJs, Tailwind
  • BackEnd - .Net 6, C#, NodeJs

As a Software Engineer, you will:

  • Be a part of a new worldwide startup product that is still to be released
  • Start developing a multi-platform (Android and iOS) mobile app from scratch given a prototype and business requirements
  • Solve technical challenges like VPN service implementation for safe shopping
  • Collaborate with other colleagues in agile environment

We expect you to:

  • Be an expert of Javascript, Typescript and React Native
  • Have relevant projects or contributions in public repositories that we could discuss about
  • Learn and grow where the product needs you most
  • Seek simplicity and write clean code that is self-explanatory
  • Be responsible for the whole life cycle of the app from implementation to release and maintenance
  • Have good spoken and written English
Outgrow your role Join other initiatives. Build your skills and test your strengths.
Location Work from anywhere - see you online. We have offices in old-town Vilnius when you need or feel like coming in.
Flexible working hours Focus your efforts when you are most creative and productive.
Learn all the time Would you like to attend conferences or take paid training? There is a budget for that.
Additional health insurance Take care of yourself. It just makes sense.
Take some time off Don’t feel bad about taking a day off with a next-day notice. We have all been there. Just be respectful of your responsibilities and to your team.
Pitch your ideas about anything We build technology startups! Let’s build yours together.
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