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Hiring: Tech Lead and Technology Architect

Hiring: Tech Lead and Architect to help create a converged Automotive Brand Discovery Experience with the hassle-free Third-Party Marketplace integration.

A fantastic opportunity for an experienced Software Engineer to join us in a Tech Lead / Architect role and take ownership building a cutting edge B2C visual-content platform (Web, Mobile, AR, VR) in Automotive space. Initially this will be a heavy hands-on role with Tech-Lead and Architecture responsibilities. After this role is filled, we will be augmenting the team pretty quickly, together.

The concept:

Automotive shopping has evolved from buying products to having experiences. Automotive brands aim to make a connection and evocative content. The Consumer asks themselves “Am I an Audi driver?”. Then they leave and go to the BMW site, the Lexus site, Tesla site, and so on. Today, cross-site research and shopping experience is difficult and inconsistent. The romantic image of themselves in a new car becomes clouded with the frustrating experience of managing a spreadsheet of brands, options, prices, and dealerships. Digital car-shopping experience could be so much more be fun. We aim to remove friction and highly visualize consumer vehicle shopping journey.

What if shoppers had access to the Rich Media found on OEM sites in one place? Including immersive XR content to extend that research into their own environment, giving an up-close visualization and interaction with the inside and outside of the car. Consumers could easily carry out the true brand and vehicle comparisons, visualize features across WEB, Mobile, AR or VR, and then decide “Am I an Audi or BMW person?”. Then layer in trade-in values, pricing, inventory, and recommended dealers to support the hassle-free execution of their purchase.

We aim to create a converged Automotive Brand Discovery Experience with the functional Third-Party Marketplace Site.

The core responsibility for the role, will be to architect and drive the development process. You will be building and collaborating with the rest of the team in Lithuania and the USA so that we come up with the best possible technology outcome for the platform.

This is a full-time position. Occasional international travel to the USA is encouraged. Preferred start date - November, 2020.


As a Technology Lead, you need to have a good understanding and experience working with different frameworks, languages, databases, cloud hosting infrastructures, software development processes, and teams. As a Tech-lead you will have responsibility for building and leading the technology team, making strategic technology decisions, and managing deliverables and expectations.

The stack is open for consideration.

The current Web stack for Responsive Web presence (Phase 1) is Vue.JS, Laravel, MongoDB, AWS. This will require a little bit in the early days, but the core responsibilities will arise working with the product team to plan, architect and start development of the converged Automotive Brand Discovery Experience with the functional Third-Party Marketplace Site integrations.

The future stack will require your decision selecting a backend and front-end technologies and will have relational DB requirements. Role will also require to augment the team capable of developing mobile applications with AR frameworks. This is a part of the technology decisions that you will own as a Technology Lead.

Personal Qualities that we find extremely helpful for great Technical Lead:

  • Transparency, responsiveness, and communication skills.

  • Optimism, Initiative, and Adaptability.

  • Teamwork and collaboration, empathy.

  • Working proactively and thoroughly, while maintaining a work - life balance.

Do you see yourself in this role? We would love to tell you more.

All applications will be kept strictly confidential. Please submit a resume and a cover letter (we know it is old school, but if you have inspiration writing it we would love to hear it) telling us about your qualifications and motivation, plus any other information you feel would be relevant to Adroiti.

Please send us a note to people(at) and we'll get back to you quickly.

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