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Hiring: Full - Stack iOS/Swift Developer

This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Full-Stack iOS Developer to join a greenfield project and help us build a mobile-first and iOS-first personal time management product. We are looking for a Developer who is willing to work with a designer, a technical architect, and an iOS front-end developer to help build out a stunningly beautiful and life-changing iOS application. 

The vision of what are we building:

As life gets busier and more hectic, we tend to take for granted one of the most precious elements of life - time. Time is something that we tend to spend and throw away. Yet, it is something that we can never get back and we only have a finite amount to work with.

This application will remind us that time is important. It will allow us to focus on the things that are important and give us an idea of where time is being spent. You may think of it as a time management assistant, that allows you to focus on goals, helps understand where time is spent, detects trends and patterns in your behavior, provides a holistic view of your life, and help you be appreciative of what you have.

This application will give you the ability to utilize your time more wisely and understand how precious it really is.

Current state:

  • Specs are completed
  • All the screens are defined and mocked up
  • Most of the API calls are defined

We are looking for someone very familiar with native iOS:

  • Swift
  • Vapor
  • CoreData
  • SqlLite (but flexible with whatever works best on iOS)

Preferred candidates have:

  • Self-starter mentality - this is just a few people team in the beginning. You will own all aspects of iOS development over the first 4-6 months. 
  • Proficient in English


Gross salary from 4300 EUR based on skills and experience.


Work from anywhere - see you online. We have offices in old-town Vilnius when you need or feel like coming in.

What about perks?

  • Outgrow your role. Join other initiatives. Build your skills and test your strengths. 
  • Learn. All the time. Would you like to attend conferences or take paid training? There is a budget for that. 
  • We will not let you become obsolete. But whatever you do - give it your best. 
  • Pitch your ideas about anything. We build startups! Let’s build yours together. 
  • Work hard, play hard. Adrenaline junkie or zen. Or a casual all-nighter in the city. 
  • Take time off. Even if you don't - still do. Don’t feel bad about taking a day with a same-day notice. We have all been there. Just be respectful of your responsibilities and to your team. 
  • Additional health insurance. Take care of yourself. It just makes sense. 

About Us

We build cool stuff and have fun doing it. Adroiti is a stack-agnostic technology incubator company. Founded in 2009, we wondered a lot, built a lot, and learned a lot. We are a diverse group of 40+ engineers, artists, facilitators, avatars and entrepreneurs, empowered by technology. We aim to build disruptive, meaningful, and incremental innovations. We are informal, and we relish adaptive work culture.


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