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WordPress / PHP developer

CoreStack: PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce

If you are experienced PHP + WordPress developer with a knowledge of WooCommerce, and like building beautiful e-commerce experiences please read on.

What are we working on?

Mattress purchases can be frustrating experiences. Are you familiar with spending time lying on a bed in a showroom, getting up and lying on several more, and then not being able to tell the difference between any of them? How about frustration of extra markups for delivery, trying to compare prices, and then trying to negotiate? Buying a new mattress can be a terrible customer experience.

We are making a bed shopping an easy, fair and fun experience. With team’s previous success building a great experiences for car buyers, we are solving similar problem in the sleep industry.

The role.

Join a team building awesome mattress shopping e-commerce experience for US market. There is much more to it than just a customer facing e-commerce site. But when it comes to e-commerce site - the focus is on improving conversion rates. You will work directly with experienced product owners and will take ownership developing WooCommerce portal built for WordPress. We will work together as a team to deliver in a timely manner without much baby-sitting. No micro management. It will be an exciting journey disrupting the sleep industry.

This is a part time or a full time position. Occasional international travel in Europe and North America may be required. Flexible office and remote working hours.

Desired skills and experience.

  • WordPress and WooCommerce development experience.

  • Strong knowledge of PHP.

  • Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, jQuery and CSS.

  • Experience developing WordPress sites and custom plugins.

  • Experience developing e-commerce solutions.

  • Good english.


  • Ability to balance individual responsibilities, give and welcome feedback, exhibit objectivity.

  • Ability to take loose requirements and vision and figure out solutions to move the initiative forward.

  • Good communication skills, collaborative, with an open, approachable style.

If you are passionate about building meaningful digital products and believe in awesome user experiences - we would love to tell you more. Please get in touch today via people(at)

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