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Hiring: Cloud DevOps engineer

Core Stack: AWS / GCP, Kubernetes, Docker, Linux

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If you are passionate about everything cloud, believe in containerization and enjoy contributing with the best of breed technologies, we would love to talk with you. Send us a note to people{at} Looking forward to hear from you!

What it will be like

The Cloud DevOps Engineer - do you have an obsessive focus on automation and building repeatable solutions? The role will focus on designing and developing automation to support continuous delivery and continuous integration processes.

You will be working with AWS and GCP infrastructure, responsible for the automation, deployment of WebApps, daemonization of processes, scalability, performance optimization and availability of services.

You will have a significant impact on our product development, deployments, operations and administration of cloud services.

Skills and experience

Stack is somewhat cutting-edge, therefore we do not expect that you will know it all. But here are general guidelines what would be good to have. Everything else - you will have to learn. Pretty quickly.

Desired experience:

  • Linux. 
  • Virtualization (e.g. VMware or XEN, etc.).
  • Cloud technologies (e.g. AWS or GCP or Azure).
  • Web / App server administration (e.g. Apache or Nginx, etc).
  • Scripting abilities (Bash or Python or Go or Perl etc.)
  • GitHub
  • Monitoring, deployment and system integration tools.

Desired understanding of:

  • Automation of code deployment.
  • Automation of infrastructure management.
  • Containers (specifically Docker)
  • Orchestration frameworks (e.g. Kubernetes or Mesos, etc.)
  • Immutable infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure as a code. 
  • Agile environment. 


A fundamental measure of our success will be the value we create over the long term, together.

  • Ability to balance individual responsibilities, give and welcome feedback, exhibit objectivity and openness to others' views. 
  • Able to take loose requirements and vision and figure out solutions to move the initiative forward.
  • Good communication skills, collaborative, with an open, approachable style.
  • Degree in computer science, or mathematics, or physics, or other relevant field.
  • Comfortable in written and spoken English.

If you are passionate about everything cloud, believe in automation and enjoy contributing to best of breed technologies, we should talk. Send us a note to people{at} and we would love to tell you more. Looking forward to hear from you!

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