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DevOps engineer

Cloud, Containerization, Serverless

The role will focus on building and managing immutable IT infrastructure with emphasis on performance, scalability, availability and security. You will be working with private clouds running VmWare and also AWS, GCP or Azure clouds, building and running containerization services with Docker and Kubernetes.

You will have a significant impact on our technology architecture, deployments, operations and administration of cloud services.

Stack is somewhat cutting-edge, therefore we do not expect that you will know it all. But here are general guidelines that would be great to have. Everything else - you will have an opportunity to learn. Pretty quickly.

Requirements (You need to have some experience with most, not all. You will have opportunities to develop skills that you don’t have.)

- Understanding of Virtualization (VMware) and Cloud (e.g. AWS / Azure / Google) technologies.
- Experience with AWS: OpsWorks, VPC, EC2, S3, Route53, Load Balancers, etc.
- Understanding / experience with Docker or other containerization solutions.
- Understanding / experience with orchestration frameworks, e.g. Kubernetes or orthers.
- Good at scripting languages (e.g. bash or python or perl or go...)
- Familiarity with CI tools, e.g. Jenkins with BlueOcean, Circle-CI, Travis-CI.
- Experience with standard monitoring (e.g. Nagios, Cacti, Monit, etc.) and deployment / system integration (e.g. Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform, etc.) tools.
- Experience with web and application servers administration (Apache, Nginx, etc).
- Understanding concepts of immutable infrastructure.
- Degree in computer science or relevant field.
- Good written and spoken english.


- Work with a team of Systems / Network Administrators responsible for all operational aspects of the IT infrastructure, managing hundreds of public and private cloud servers across multiple geographic locations.
- Deliver solutions to ensure availability, scalability, performance and efficiency of IT infrastructure.
- Provide systems support; identify and resolve problems in a timely manner; gather and analyze information skillfully and with an eye for simple, innovative solutions.
- Support daily R&D activities, drive or be involved in Automation efforts.
- Engage in infrastructure design and architecture, maintain system standards and best practices.
- Lead by example, establish credibility with the quality of your and your team's technical execution.

- Balance individual responsibilities, give and welcome feedback, exhibit objectivity and openness to others' views.
- Contribute to a positive, supportive team and company culture.


A fundamental measure of our success will be the value we create over the long term, together.

  • Choose transparency over siloing and secrecy.
  • Embrace blameless post-mortems.
  • Encourage continuous improvement.

If you are passionate about Cloud, believe in Automation and enjoy running with the best of breed technologies, we should talk. Send us a note to people{at} and we would love to tell you more.

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